How it Works

SuperFanU is a robust loyalty and rewards platform, powered by SuperFan. We use custom and mobile technology to keep your brand and events top of mind, while boosting attendance and revenue.

Fans download your app

It looks and feels just like you made it - your colors, logos, your designs - so it fits with your brand and needs.

Attend events, get points

The more fans attend, the faster they accrue points. Fans can also earn points for engaging with the platform and your brands.

Get rewards

Users can get unique prizes and experiences for being great fans. From t-shirts to batting practice, fans can get it all - right through the app.

Fully customized apps

Users download your app by searching for your team's name in the App Store, not some other company they don’t recognize.

True geolocation

Not based on Foursquare or Facebook, we built our Geolocation technology ourselves so you have complete control over your program.

Real-time communication

Push notifications show up on your users’ phone, just like a text message would. It’s the best way to stay top of mind with your fans.

Micro location

Use the built-in iBeacon platform to send messages to users as they enter a venue or walk past key areas around campus.


Get real data on your fans and students to understand who they are and what incentivizes them.

Granular Data

Get more than just usernames - who attends what sports and events, how often they come, and what interests them.

Actionable Reports

What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it? We help you get the most out of fan engagements with our recommendations.

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